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What Is Liberty T?

Participate in restoring America’s foundation through being politically conscious. Meaning you’re informed, involved and indignant.

The first, famous Liberty Tree stood on the Boston Common, an American Elm with a political history. The elm was a commons tree in the pre-Norman ‘English borough’ tradition: A place for the people of the shire to gather on their own terms and for their own purposes. In the decade of agitation that fed into the American Revolution, Boston patriots rallied beneath the tree’s canopy, speaking against imperial authorities and calling for home rule in the colonies. After the speeches, the people took some form of action, often in those days marching. Then, in the first months of the Revolutionary War, imperial troops occupied Boston, and cut the elm to the ground. Yet the Liberty Tree lived on. In hundreds of towns, and in every colony, the revolutionaries consecrated new Liberty Trees and Liberty Poles, and flew their likenesses on their flags.

Today we are confronted as a nation with presidential and political leadership beginning to act more imperial than patriotic, and forgetting our very foundations established by William Bradford as told through documentaries like Monumental by Kirk Cameron ( To return to “home rule” Americans Stand. It is our heritage, it is what we do. A nation uniting it’s diverse colors under the red, white and blue.

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